September 1, 2011

Next issue of Volvo trucks’ tablet magazine now available

A new issue of Volvo Trucks’ tablet magazine - which was successfully launched in the beginning of the year - is now available to download.

This issue includes exciting news items on Volvo Trucks' environmental work. Through videos and articles, visitors will also learn more about how Volvo Trucks' safety solution helps truck drivers with blindspotting and how smartphones can be used to improve efficiency and ensure the quality of the company's aftersales services. They will also get the chance to meet Oliver Splingart who transports live fish in his Volvo FH16 between fish farms throughout Europe, a sophisticated task which place special demands on both the truck and the driver.

The new issue of Volvo Trucks Magazine can be downloaded free of charge. iPad users can access the magazine from the App Store, while Android users can get it from the Marketplace.

| Volvo