October 19, 2011

Mercedes-Benz has received the MATERIALICA Award 2011 in recognition of Nanoslide technology

The NANOSLIDE technology developed by Mercedes-Benz employs twin-wire arc-sprayed coating (TWAS) to optimise cylinder surfaces. After melting iron-carbon wires by means of an electric arc, a flow of gas is applied to spray
the metal droplets onto the inner walls of the cylinders of the lightweight aluminium crankcase. Extremely fine finishing of the resultant ultra-fine to nano-crystalline iron layer produces an almost perfectly smooth surface with fine pores which reduces friction and wear between pistons and cylinder walls by up to 50 percent in comparison to the barrel technologies available to date and additionally possesses an extremely high level of wear resistance. The resultant benefits are reduced fuel consumption and emissions, plus a markedly lighter engine.

The NANOSLIDE technology, which received the coveted MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2011 as an outstanding innovation in the Surface&Technology category, was developed by the Stuttgart-based automobile manufacturer. It has already been in successful use in AMG engines for five years now. As of 2011, the NANOSLIDE technology is now being introduced into series production of the new six-cylinder Mercedes diesel engines.

A high-calibre jury scrutinised almost 150 entries in various categories for the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2011. Aspects which were considered in assessing the technological innovations included design quality, the technological aspect, workmanship, choice of materials, environmental compatibility, functionality, utility value, safety, brand value and feasibility. The MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2011 will be presented at a special ceremony during the 14th MATERIALICA fair (18 - 20 October 2011 in Munich). This will be the ninth such award ceremony.

| Mercedes-Benz