October 20, 2011

New Navigation for Android app introduces map management, an advanced user interface, and additional new features

Navigon, a leading provider of mobile phone on-board navigation, today announced the next generation of its popular navigation app, NAVIGON 4.0 for Android. It is the first on-board navigation app that allows users to conveniently manage their maps within the app and select which regions to download to their device, prolonging device memory and reducing download time. Also included is a subscription option for quarterly map updates to keep the data up-to-date with road changes. A new user interface provides a better overview by organizing menus into tiles that automatically adapt to the screen size of the Android device.

“NAVIGON 4.0 for Android takes Android navigation to the next level,” says Gerhard Mayr, NAVIGON vice-president of worldwide mobile phones and new markets. “The newest version of our app combines the best of both worlds, off-board and on-board navigation, by allowing users to navigate even when a data connection is not available but without the need to save big amounts of map data on their device.”

NAVIGON 4.0 for Android also features two new in app purchases: The cockpit function displays real-time driving data, allowing enthusiasts to monitor driving behaviors, and Zagat ratings and reviews on over 40,000 points of interest turn Android devices into detailed travel guides. In addition, a new Emergency Help function provides one-tap access to help users find critical services in case of an emergency.

NAVIGON 4.0 for Android enhancements and new features include:

Map Management and Update Capabilities

MyMaps: NAVIGON 4.0 for Android is the first Android navigation app that allows users to download the app first and then select which maps to download to their device. This ability prolongs device memory and reduces download time since users store only the maps they need on their device. Users can download additional maps at any time[1].

NAVIGON FreshMaps: NAVIGON 4.0 for Android is the first Android navigation app to offer quarterly map updates via FreshMaps. The FreshMaps service uses trusted, field-verified, and quality-controlled map and points of interest updates from NAVTEQ® to ensure the most accurate maps possible. Users can keep their maps accurate and reliable by receiving quarterly map updates for a one-time fee (see below for pricing and availability) for the lifetime of the product.

Latest Map Guarantee: NAVIGON customers get the latest NAVTEQ map available when purchasing NAVIGON 4.0 for Android.

New Features
Easier Menu Navigation: NAVIGON 4.0 for Android’s new user interface automatically adapts to the screen size of the device, so users see the clearest view based on their specific screen size. On smaller screens, the app displays fewer menu icons so users can see more of the overview screen. NAVIGON’s app is also compatible with Honeycomb and can be used on Android tablets.

Cockpit Function (In App Purchase): NAVIGON 4.0 for Android includes a new Cockpit function that displays relevant driving data in real time on a cockpit-like screen. Captured data includes speed, acceleration, and elevation for last 30 minutes or last quarter mile. Drivers can use this information to see a snapshot of their driving habits.

Zagat Survey (In App Purchase): Users can turn their Android device into a travel guide to make more informed decisions on where to eat, stay, and play by accessing Zagat’s ratings and reviews via an in-app purchase. Zagat includes ratings and reviews of over 40,000 restaurants, hotels, attractions, golf courses, nightspots, and other leisure activities, based on the opinions of a worldwide network of thousands of surveyors.

Emergency Help: During an emergency, users can tap one of the predefined categories to receive instant distance information to the nearest police station, hospital, pharmacy, or gas station.

Traffic Live Available as an In App Purchase: The Traffic Live feature is now available as an in-app purchase. Traffic Live uses real-time traffic information from leading provider INRIX. It alerts drivers to traffic problems and automatically calculates alternative routes so they can avoid congestion. Separating it from the app lets users decide if they want the feature and reduces the cost of the standard app. Users who bought the app before the upgrade and paid the higher price will continue to have access to the Traffic Live feature.

Pricing, Promotion and Availability
NAVIGON for Android is available in the Android Market for a promotional price until November 2: The USA app is $27.95 (normally $39.95) and the USA&CAN version sells for $37.95 (normally $49.95). The new version 4.0 of NAVIGON for Android is available as a free upgrade for all existing customers. The app includes high-quality maps of leading provider NAVTEQ®.

In App Purchases:
NAVIGON FreshMaps: NAVIGON offers a special introductory price of $19.95 (normally $29.95) until November 2 for owners of the USA&CAN version. Users of the USA version can purchase NAVIGON FreshMaps for $29.95 (normally $39.95) until November 2 and will automatically receive an upgrade to maps of the U.S. and Canada.

NAVIGON Cockpit: $4.95

Traffic Live: $19.95

Zagat Ratings & Reviews: $7.95

Design Car Kit for Samsung Galaxy S and Vibrant: $49.95 with free shipping, available at

NAVIGON is compatible with most Android phones and tablets and runs with Android 1.6 to 2.3.5, and 3.0 to 3.2. The application requires a minimum of 32 MB of free RAM (app2SD possible) and about 1.5 GB storage space for maps, voices etc.

NAVIGON recommends using devices powered by processors running with 1GHz or higher clock rate and screen resolutions of 480x800 pixel or more.

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