November 9, 2011

Nissan releases global app for iPhone

Nissan has released the Nissan Global App for iPhone, a universal application that provides news distributed by Nissan from around the world, information about the history of Nissan, and content about its latest technologies. This application, which brings the world of Nissan to your iPhone, can be downloaded for free from the iTunes© App Store.

The Nissan Global app for the Apple iPad was launched in October 2011 and quickly become popular due to its user-friendly interface and rich content - aggregated from various sources - available on one platform. The key feature of this iPhone/iPod touch application is its screen design and layout, which optimizes content for ease of viewing on smaller devices.

Nissan Global app for iPhone exclusive campaign
On November 7, Nissan launched the newly freshened Nissan GT-R, and to mark this much-anticipated launch, the Nissan global app will offer exclusive Nissan GT-R contents. For those iPad and iPhone users who have yet to download Nissan's new applications, now is the time to use these apps to explore the world of Nissan.

As the digital world evolves, Nissan will continue to focus on emerging communication technologies and distribute information that appeals to digital enthusiasts, as part of its efforts to raise awareness and interest in Nissan. The already-released Nissan Global App for iPad is a platform on which visitors can explore many of the little-known details of what Nissan is all about and what makes it special.

Currently, an Android version of this application is under development.

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