November 8, 2011

Toyota Launches Google+ Page

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. today is featured as an early example of the Google+ Page, Google’s new offering on Google+ specifically for brands and businesses. Launched today, Toyota USA’s Page shares brand content and can be found at

"As a longtime Google partner, Toyota is pleased to announce our +Toyota USA Page,” said Dave Nordstrom, vice president, digital marketing, Toyota. “We are excited to expand our connections with owners, fans, advocates and Toyota associates in a unique environment that can be customized and personalized in ways that are important to us all, and we look forward to tapping into the diverse ways to build a rich, fun environment. Follow us and stay tuned for our forthcoming Google+ Hangout."

Google+ Pages are a new way for people to connect with businesses and brands, as well as a way for businesses and other organizations to build a presence and share content with customers and fans on Google+. The Pages have number of features designed to help brands build lasting relationships and engage with the more than 40 million users on Google+. The Pages’ functionality will grow and evolve over time.

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