December 7, 2011

Styron Automotive Plastics Solutions refine Range Rover Evoque car interior

The new Range Rover Evoque impresses through its technical features and design. Styron, a leading global materials company, contributed significantly to the premium interior look of the vehicle. With Styron’s innovative plastics solutions, the Range Rover Evoque’s passenger interior has been refined with extraordinary design elements, including the dashboard displays that appear to be three-dimensional.

Several functional and aesthetic components of the interior and load space of the Range Rover Evoque use PP-based INSPIRE™ performance polymers from Styron, such as the shrouds around the steering column, centre console cladding and trim panels in the rear load space compartment. The advantages of INSPIRE™ performance polymers include its high scratch resistance and UV light stability, which contribute to the long-term durability of the single components and therefore meet the stringent requirements of the vehicle.

High heat MAGNUM™ ABS resin from Styron, which is leading among heat-resistant ABS products, is used for the moulding of the gear lever bezel, the mounting bracket of the satellite navigation system and the front and rear side panelling of the centre console, amongst other trim parts. A low-gloss version of MAGNUM™ ABS resin is also used for the glove compartment housing, storage trays and interior grab handles.

Keep it flexible
Styron Automotive products meet the expectations of Land Rover when it comes to processability and material durability in high temperature environments. In addition, they are low in carbon emissions (VOC), contributing essentially to fulfilling the demands of environmental sustainability made by the Range Rover Evoque and other modern vehicles.

Another aspect influenced the decision to apply Styron Automotive products: The product range for interiors uses eight different colours within three assorted design themes, granting clients maximal flexibility of personalised choice. INSPIRE™ and MAGNUM™ come as self-colouring materials, thus complementing just-in-time production efficiency and economy of supply.

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