February 17, 2012

New Kubota Grand X with new cab with space for two

From the National Farm Machinery Show Kubota Tractor Corporation proudly unveils the Grand X – the revolutionary new generation of its deluxe M-Series line; the M100GX, M110GX, M126GX and the M135GX. In addition, Kubota revealed the re-equipped and powerful M8560 and M9960, redesigned to deliver long-lasting strength and reliability with clean and economical performance.

“At Kubota we continue to offer products with leading edge technology in the 40-120 horsepower market,” said Paul Williams, Kubota senior product manager. “Leading the pack this year is the Grand X Series deluxe, high-performance M135GX tractor with one of the largest cabs in its class, offering more interior space in a cab literally built for two. The Grand X is the ultimate luxury workhorse.”

Grand X Series: The Ultimate Luxury Workhorse and Room for Two
The Grand X Series offers one of the largest cabs in its class with a high-positioned rounded glass windshield with no center pillars for increased interior space and a wide unobstructed panoramic view. Within the mid-size ag/utility line, the M135GX is Kubota’s most powerful tractor, with a 374-cubic inch, turbocharged direct injection diesel engine that boasts 118 PTO horsepower and now features a 31-percent increase in standard hitch capacity of up to 6,834 lbs.

The Grand X Series cab has room for two, with an optional instructor’s seat designed to be useful when giving tutorials and training new operators. With a wide opening door and easy-to-climb stairs, spaciousness is king inside, even with the instructor’s seat. Compared to the standard M-Series models, the Grand X cab is 10-inches wider with seven more inches of headroom. Additional features include a massive field-of-view windshield and skylight, tilt and telescopic steering wheel along with deluxe remotes with built-in flow control and an all-new hood design.

Grand X Series Engines: Clean and Powerful Performance
Kubota’s outstanding power and fuel economy go hand-in-hand with the Grand X Series tractors. Each tractor in the series is versatile, powerful and productive and features 100, 109.5, 125, and 135 net horsepower engines for the M100GX, M110GX, M126GX and M135GX models, respectively. When it comes to clean performance, the common rail system electronically controls the fuel injection timing and amount in stages rather than all at once for optimal combustion, greater efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise. Its combination of exhaust gas recirculation and diesel particulate filter muffler reduces emissions while meeting Interim Tier IV EPA regulations make the Grand X Series more fuel efficient with no sacrifice to power.

Grand X Series: Strong but Maneuverable
The M100GX and M110GX are powered by a Kubota V3800 engine, while on the larger side of the series, the M126GX and the M135GX feature a V6108 four-cylinder, high-torque engine with a large displacement of 6.1 liters (374 cubic inches). At 118 PTO horsepower, the M135GX muscles its way into the larger 110-120 horsepower group of agriculture tractors. The new 24F/24R Intelli-Shift transmission has an eight-speed dual-range powershift for 24 gears in forward and reverse, a hydraulic shuttle and wet main clutch are standard. With features like the exclusive bi-speed turn and electrohydraulic differential locks, the Grand X Series boasts enhanced stability and shorter turning radius for even the most demanding jobs.

Grand X Series Cab: A Whole New Perspective
Sleek new design elements add aesthetics and functionality to the M-Series’ ergonomically designed cockpit. The new rounded glass, panoramic windshield, sloping hood and grill design improve the operator’s range of vision. The new cab has four pillars versus the six in the original design to offer more than seven inches in headroom and more than 10 inches in width for ample legroom. Wide-opening glass doors provide easier access, while the unobstructed ceiling with new glass roof panel and glass lower-rear panel allow for a clear view of what is going on in front, to the side and behind the operator.

Grand X Series Works Smarter and Harder
Enhancements on the Kubota Grand X Series deluxe mid-sized tractors help operators work more efficiently. The new redesigned control console is user-friendly and ergonomic in design, concentrating all operating controls where everything is intuitive and within easy reach. The dash-instrumentation includes a central command LCD panel that monitors 26 different functions, including engine information, fuel used per hour, travel direction and gear selection. To complete the new Grand X Series enhancements, Kubota has substantially increased the standard hitch capacity to 6,834 lbs., with an optional 9,447 lbs. capacity for heavy-duty applications. The LA1954 and the LA2254 loaders are configured with Kubota’s current two-lever quick-coupler system or the ISO Euro-coupler system. The LA1954 is performance matched to the M100GX and the M110GX and the LA2254 is performance matched to the M126GX and the M135GX.

Kubota also Introduces the M8560 and the M9960 Tractor at the Farm Machinery Show
The Grand X isn’t the only new M-Series tractor in the field: Kubota also introduced the M8560 and M9960 at the Farm Machinery Show, adding strength, comfort and efficiency to its M-Series. Designed to deliver powerful, clean and economical performance, the M8560 boasts 76 PTO horsepower and the M9960 boasts 89 PTO horsepower and a newly-designed 4-cylinder Common Rail System diesel engine that produces clean emissions also meets Interim Tier IV EPA regulations. These are available with 2-or-4-wheel-drive with hydraulic shuttle standard and three transmission options. Other features include a curved upper windshield, rounded glass and conveniently-designed levers and electric switches for optimal comfort and visibility, ideal for long days in the field.

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