March 12, 2012

Bosch ESItronic 2.0 released with simple, clearly structured interface

Bosch has made a number of changes to the operating concept of the world's leading workshop software ESI[tronic], making it much simpler to use and giving it a clearer structure. The new interface of ESI[tronic] 2.0 takes the user to the information they require in fewer clicks of the mouse or stylus.

The system search provides a clear overview of all control units fitted to the vehicle, along with all stored errors. Shortcuts allow the user to quickly switch between the different types of information the Bosch workshop software package offers, for example between the control unit diagnosis and the troubleshooting instructions and vice versa. What's more, the ESI[tronic] software packages for passenger cars and LCVs now run on a single, standardised interface. The data for ESI[tronic] 2.0 can be updated on a regular basis via online updates, meaning the workshop always has access to the most up-to-date information.

Less Time Spent on Diagnostic Tasks and Troubleshooting
ESI[tronic] 2.0 makes it much easier to use a KTS diagnostic tester, in particular for service tasks, thereby making it more cost-effective too. But even diagnostic specialists will find that all the ESI[tronic] functions for comprehensive troubleshooting and for conducting repairs on electronic vehicle systems are more clearly laid out. The user can now switch from the diagnosis screen with the read-out fault memory entries straight to the troubleshooting function, and from there to the component testing screen. In doing so, the mechanic obtains all the relevant information regarding the fault or vehicle system on which he is currently working. With just a click of the mouse or stylus, the mechanic can switch back and forth between the different information screens. When switching to the parts catalogue to perform the replacement part search, the vehicle identification code is transferred across as the catalogue seamlessly.

World's Leading Workshop Software – Bosch ESI[tronic]
Some 75,000 vehicle workshops in over 100 countries are subscribed to the modular software package, which is available in 24 different languages. The software includes diagnostics data and troubleshooting instructions, repair instructions, test values and repair times, as well as wiring diagrams, service schedules and technical data. Each year, around 1400 new systems are added to the ESI[tronic] data, with as many updates being made to details of existing systems.

New ESI[tronic] Online Solution Planned for 2012
The ESI[tronic] specialists at Bosch are currently working on an online solution of the workshop software package, which is scheduled for launch later this year. Using this solution, ESI[tronic] customers around the world will then be able to access data updated on an ongoing basis via the Internet, ensuring they are always working with the very latest ESI[tronic] data. In addition, new ESI[tronic] features will be made available to users in the planned online version of the software.

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