August 29, 2012

California eliminates 7,112 nonessential vehicles

The Department of General Services today announced that Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s Executive Order to eliminate unnecessary state vehicles has led departments to cut 7,112 vehicles from the state fleet. The reduction included 4,204 passenger cars and light duty trucks, which alone is expected to save the state more than $12.6 million annually in fuel, insurance and depreciation costs.

“We have made tremendous strides examining every mobile asset and cutting the size of our state fleet,” said DGS Director Fred Klass. “Moving forward, we will use the methodology established to drive this reduction to help prevent unnecessary increases to the state fleet in future years.”

The Governor’s order also called on departments to eliminate all nonessential and cost-ineffective permits that allow thousands of state employees to commute to and from work in a state vehicle. The cuts resulted in 3,246 vehicle home storage permits being eliminated, a 45 percent reduction from the number of permits departments had issued in January 2011, and eliminating more than 1,000 permits than were called for in the Executive Order. These cuts are expected to save an estimated $3 million annually in fuel costs, as employees are no longer commuting in those vehicles.

Governor Brown’s fleet reduction Executive Order called on the Department of General Services to conduct the first-ever examination of all mobile assets within the state fleet and eliminate any nonessential vehicles. The eliminated vehicles include passenger cars, trucks, vans, buses, heavy equipment, boats, trailers, planes and other mobile assets. The cuts represent a 14 percent reduction of the state’s fleet. When combined with cuts made by the prior administration in 2010, more than 20 percent of the state fleet has been eliminated in four years.

The largest reductions come from the following 10 departments:

-- Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation 2,263
-- California Department of Transportation 1,322
-- California State Parks 586
-- California Department of Fish & Game 494
-- California Highway Patrol 457
-- Department of Developmental Services 312
-- CAL FIRE 240
-- California Department of General Services 241
-- California Department of Water Resources 218
-- Prison Industry Authority 105