February 28, 2013

Naturally heavy-duty hand cleaner by 3M

Diversified technology company 3M has introduced a new heavy-duty hand cleaner made from natural ingredients aimed at bodyshop operatives requiring a deep clean that’s gentle on hands.

Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner by 3M effectively removes ingrained dirt, oil and grease, as well as paint residue and inks in one wash, whereas many other formulas specialise in only one type of soil. The cleaner contains zeolites, soft volcanic minerals that attract and trap dirt making it easy to rinse away, as well as active natural plant surfactants. These ingredients provide a thorough clean without stripping natural oils from skin, meaning it doesn’t dry out hands and removes the need to use an additional moisturiser after washing.

Available as a wall-mounted dispenser with 2kg refills, a 4kg bag-in-box system or a 4.75kg portable Jerry can with pump, the cleaner is quick and convenient to use.

Jason Halliwell from 3M said: "We’ve conducted extensive trials with customers who have praised the moisturising qualities of the cleaner, as well as its ability to remove all types of contaminant from paint to grease. Popular with operatives, the all-natural hand cleaner is gentle on the skin without compromising on hygiene, and cleans dirty hands really effectively without the need for a repeat wash."

| 3M