March 8, 2013

New 3M Liquid Pavement Marking Series 5000

3M introduces 3M Liquid Pavement Marking Series 5000, representing the next generation of plural-component polyurea liquid pavement marking technology. With its advanced product formulation, 3M Liquid Pavement Marking Series 5000 offers extended durability, maximum visibility, easy application and an ultra-fast cure time. Series 5000 is engineered for marking long-lines, channelizing lines, gore markings and intersection markings on all common road surface types.

With tough, wear-resistant polymers, Series 5000 has the best dimensional stability of any plural-component product on a wide variety of substrates. It demonstrates excellent adhesion, superior stability and resistance to discoloration. Series 5000 also has outstanding color stability and is available with versatile optics package configurations, including wet-reflective options for all-weather performance.

Series 5000 features a low viscosity, making it easy to pump, pour and apply, and it can be applied at temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It has the fastest cure time of any plural component product and is track-free in less than two minutes over the entire application temperature range. Like all 3M pavement markings, Series 5000 is backed by 3M’s superior technical and customer service.

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